Daily Bibibi – Ranko’s recommended spots in Tokyo [07/07/2021]

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In this month’s Daily Bibibi column, Ranko talks about her favorite places in Tokyo! For the readers who are in or visited Japan: have you ever been to these places?

Hi there, Daily Bibibi readers. I’m Ranko, the vocalist of BUTAOTOME. In this series of articles, I’m going to introduce you to things that I like, as I like them.

I’ve just got married and moved to Osaka, so I’m going to write about my favorite places and stores in Tokyo.

My parents live in Yokohama, but I had a dream “to live in Setagaya once in my life”, so I went to live alone to make it come true. Here are some of my favorite places at that time.

“The Setagaya Line”
When I was living alone, I lived in Wakabayashi, and this was the line nearest to my house. This line consists of two railroads that connect Sangenjaya and Shimotakaido. There were cute cars of various colors, and since it’s on the Tokyu line, the trains are available until late at night, so it was very useful.

Well, but where I lived, I could walk from Sangenjaya, and if I wanted, I could walk home from Shibuya after the train ran out. Or rather, I could walk everywhere. Shimokitazawa, Sasazuka, and Chitose-funabashi. And also Awashima-dori, Kanshichi, and Kanpachi~

I have a lot of memories of the shopping street in Shouin Shrine and the soba restaurants in Kamimachi.


But I didn’t take any pictures because they were just ordinary days. Too bad. Sorry, I was just telling you about my favorite places. All of the stations along the Setagaya Line are so peaceful and lovely that you wouldn’t think you were in the middle of Tokyo, so be sure to go there.

“Cafe Mamehiko”
These cafes are located in Sangenjaya and Shibuya, and I used to go to them often because of their quiet, good atmosphere and delicious cakes. I went there to work and also used it to meet my friends because it was stylish.


This is a cake only available during the rainy season. It was delicious.
The other specialty is Kurokan, a black soybean agar. I wish I could have gone there again before I moved out.

This is a cafe in the Museum of Modern Japanese Literature. The coffees are named after the literary masters, and some of the food is based on motifs from their works.


The pictures show the menu and the lemon parfait. It’s very quiet and cozy, so if you ever visit the Museum of Modern Literature, please go there!

“Pancake Mama Cafe voivoi”
This is a pancake shop in Sangenjaya. I used to go to a lot of pancake shops in the past, and this is one of the best ones I’ve ever been to. The dough is already different. They have both sweet and salty pancakes. I want you to try them……


The pictures make me want to go there again. They also have a sister shop in Osaka that I would like to visit.


This photo was taken seven years ago at Komabano Park in Meguroku. My smile is dazzling.

Well then, see you next month. Ranko signing off!