One Week BUTAOTOME 184: updates and translations

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Oh, and happy Tanabata! Although it’s already the 8th in Japan…


Another period with not a lot of news… Fanbox got updated with more sisters’ radio and there were some recordings…

As previously reported, expect some new music soon, with a four discs Touhou compilation and the simultaneous release of new Touhou albums! More details on July 16, on Danmaku Kagura’s livestream. (we will also get the release date of the game!)

GITADORA NEX+AGE Original Soundtrack will get a physical release on September 8. It will have two discs, and the first one will feature Henteko!

Comp is currently in charge of playing bass at Nanase Aikawa’s 25th anniversary tour!

Tiramisu Cowboy updates

I’ve added translations for the following songs and albums and songs!

I’m still working on more stuff. The translation of Ranko’s latest Bibibi article will be published tomorrow, (it’s about cool places in Tokyo), and on Friday I’ll publish something related to a certain very old doujin book

And I’m working on the long-awaited second part of the Nekokenban retrospective. Writing reviews is bad.

See you next time!