One Week BUTAOTOME 143: let’s not talk about titles.

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“Don’t forget to wear your mask!”

No seriously. Let’s not talk about them. I have the introduction of a new series ready to be published, but I’m only missing a cool sounding title.

Anyway, not a lot of news today… I already wrote most of the stuff in this update, so go read it!

Comp was at Reitaisai’s livestream last weekend. He talked about the new BOOTH stuff! You can rewatch it here.

The idol group NMB48 (a sister group of AKB48 based on Namba) released a new single on May 13. The title is “Datte datte datte” (だってだってだって), and the type A version of the single contains a song called “Hate” (涯), with bass played by Comp!
Comp’s tweet

The last news for today is a more general piece of news for the world of Touhou music. Touhou Doujin Music Distribution finally started to apply contentID on Youtube uploads of Touhou Music distributed on iTunes/Google Play/BOOTH. However, it has some mistakes. For example, all the tracks from COOL&CREATE’s album All Night of Nights (オールナイト・オブ・ナイツ) are contentIDed as tracks from Touhou Guitar Zyuku Chi (東方ギタージュク・地). And every upload of the original U.N. Owen was Her? (including EoSD extra stage gameplays and other vids where it’s just used as BGM) is IDed as the Dolls in Pseudo Paradise version, even though there is only a major pitch difference.
In addition, TDMD shadow dropped a new update, so new albums are available on iTunes and Google Play (but not BOOTH)! No any of BUTAOTOME’s 2020 releases, tho.

Aaaaand that’s all for this week.