Touhou Lost Word theme song, more songs coming to iTunes and Google Play, album badges series vol.3

Wewh! Three big announcements in a single shot, what’s happening?!

First of all, we have something more substantial from Touhou Lost Word (mobile RPG by Good Smile Company and Next Ninja) that is not “static character reveal with BGM from a random album”. The theme song is “Lost Word Chronicle” (ロストワードクロニカル), an arrangement of Imperishable Night’s Last Word theme. Comp arranged and wrote lyrics for it, but it’s sung by Kanako Itou (best known for her songs in the Steins;Gate series and much more)! You can listen to the intro here, and the full thing will be revealed at Autumnal Reitaisai.

The second thing is that on midnight of September 30 a new batch of Touhou music will be up on iTunes, Google Play and BOOTH, through the service provided by Touhou Doujin Music Distribution! Obviously there will be the latest BUTAOTOME stuff! Please note that on BOOTH and Japanese stores they will be up by midnight JST, while all the other iTunes/Google Play stores will be updated on midnight depending on their timezones (so Australian people will get their update before Japan).

Last thing is that the ButaBest 4 has been finally revealed on official Butaotome sources and here is its page, plain as usual! Other than the fourth Best, a new batch of BUTAOTOME album cover badges will be sold! For 200 yen you can get a random badge among the following albums: Doubt, Shoujo Rengoku 2, Arikitari na Nouzui yo, Folie a Deux, Suzu no Sorane, Shoujo Rengoku 3, Getsumen Tansa, Touhou Nekokenban 7-8-9-10, Acoustic Gakkyokushuu 2, Omatome, I LOVE RED, I LOVE CHERRY!

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