One week BUTAOTOME 117: Youtube contentID for Touhou songs, etc.

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I was busy playing Luigi’s Mansion, sorry!

The tree

A poor week of news. The White live setlist is here, Comp was at yesterday’s Touhou no Uta streaming, the Youtube channel is almost done with uploading all the Jump Otome songs. Saturday is Uta Matsuri at Shinjuku RenY, while the fanclub ticket presales for December’s talk event start on Sunday!

Youtube ContentID for Touhou songs
It has been announced that starting from mid-month, monetized Youtube uploads of Touhou arrangements available on iTunes/Google Play through Touhou Doujin Music Distribution will be subjected to ContentID and they will have one of the three possible outcomes depending on the circle’s policy:
1. the video will be deleted
2. the video will remain on Youtube
3. the video will remain on Youtube, but the ad revenue goes to the original artist.
This WON’T affect unmonetized uploads, as well as specific channels provided by the circles themselves.

New update on the giant list of BUTAOTOME songs
I’ve updated the list to include songs with non-Ranko vocalists. As you can see, now these songs come with pages! Only the lyrics for O.C.N.P. are missing, so help is appreciated (but I’m not sure if I really want to publish the lyrics of a song about Mara).

And that’s all for this week.