Daily Bibibi – Let’s talk about the “special processing” of doujinshi! [01/09/2021]

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This is a follow-up to Ranko’s previous post.

Hi there, Daily Bibibi readers. I’m Ranko, the vocalist of BUTAOTOME. In this series of articles, I’m going to introduce you to things that I like, as I like them.

Last time, I talked about my favorite “special paper” in relation to my favorite doujinshi. This time I’d like to introduce you to my favorite “special processing”!

I love what I call “special binding” for doujinshi. I think it means anything other than the so-called “clear PP” or “matte PP” that is applied to the cover.

The first orthodox one is “foil stamping”.

From Print-on’s sample magazine

It was the kind of binding I’ve always wanted to do, the next step after creating a doujinshi and using special paper. It’s so fun to think about which paper to combine it with~~~~! Nowadays, there are many different colors and types of foil to choose from, which is very nice. I think it’s interesting to take a look at the characteristics of different printing houses.

From Print-on’s sample magazine

By the way, this is from PICO Printing, and they say that this is not “foil stamping” but “foil printing”. So they can print on the whole surface. (The price of foil stamping varies depending on the size, so the price might be quite high…)

From PICO Printing’s sample magazine

This one is pretty! I like the rainbow foil, too~ The foil is printed in different positions on each piece, so each one is unique. It’s beautiful~

From Print-on’s sample magazine

And the more orthodox ones are hologram PP! There are a lot of different types of hologram PP, but I like the starry one the best! It’s cute~!

I also like transparent ones.

From Print-on’s sample magazine

If you use it as a cover and show the pictures inside, it looks really cute and stylish. Also, as I said last time, I love tracing paper, so you can use it as a cover and let the inside cover show through…

From Print-on’s sample magazine

This is the sandy matte process I was talking about last time! When you touch the donut part of this, it’s rough like hardened sand~. I want to print this on black fantas paper and just rough it up and feel the texture… I’m getting excited…

From Print-on’s sample magazine

This is OK Moon Color frontispiece, a lovely paper that changes the feel of the paper so much when it is heat-stamped. This… is so cute, isn’t it …!? If you use this to inkless stamping the title… it looks wonderful…
By the way, I don’t have a picture of it, but there is a similar process called pachika frontispiece processing where the heat-stamped part becomes translucent, so you can see the inside of the cover through it. It’s another one I like.

And this one! Koguchizome!

From Kurieisha’s sample magazine

This is a sample magazine from Kurieisha, and I think it’s really cute~ This is one of the processes I would like to try someday. If I were to make a Japanese-style book, I would use red dyeing and red string to make a Japanese binding, and then use a kasumi trace paper flyleaf… I would love to do that…

All I can think of is the binding of the book I want to do, and I can’t keep up with the contents, so I’ll end this post soon.

As I’ve already mentioned, every year Ryokuyousha holds a “Book Fetish Award” for specially processed books. It’s interesting, so please check it out.

The latest one is here↓
Winners of he 10th “Book Fetish Award” announced | Ryokuyousha doujinshi printing

Thank you very much for your continued patience with my self-satisfaction as before. …Isn’t that always the case? Thank you for always reading.

Look forward to the next time.
Ranko signing off!