One Week BUTAOTOME 188: a new original song and a sea of translated posts

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Meeting the goddess of magical girls

Wow, these last few days have been extremely packed… If you regularly check the homepage, you may have noticed there was a new post almost every day. Fanbox posts, plus Ranko’s newest Bibibi article.

So, Touhou Danmaku Kagura gave BUTAOTOME a nice boost of popularity, and apparently, a lot of students have been subscribing to their Fanbox. In order to connect with these new fans, Ane started a new series of articles where she talks about the albums featured in the Ura Best.

Now, all of these posts were free, but I would like to announce something regarding future paywalled posts from the Fanbox (assuming we get any). From now on, translations of text posts behind natural/maniac tiers will be published a week after their original date. These translated posts will also not include images and media that are exclusive to them, as usual.

Anyway, you can find all the posts translated so far by scrolling the homepage or indexed on the Fanbox page.

Jimon Jitou

Surprise! We finally have a new original song! And it’s not for a rhythm game!

Jimon Jitou (ジモンジトウ) is the theme song for ISUCON, “a tuning battle to speed up a web service to the limit within a set regulation”. I’m confused as much as you guys.
In the video description, you can find a Google Drive link with lyrics, the song, and the instrumental version! The ISUCON staff is looking forward to your karaoke videos! They are also planning to release it through streaming services.

TC Updates

First of all, translations have been added for the following songs:

In addition, pages for Jimon Jitou (the new original song) and Kawaranai Sora ni (from the newly released Touhou Oto Hanabi compilation) have been created, with romanized lyrics and translations.

Doubt and Engen Kagura Uta are halfway done, but the problem is that they have been throwing to me so much stuff to do that I’ve been delaying them… I apologize! I’m currently working on Ane’s commentary from the Ura Best, and it should be published during the weekend. Please note that it will be a subpage linked in the Ura Best page instead of being a news post. This is my general policy with translated content that comes from official releases!

Aaaand that has been your weekly Tiramisu Cowboy update for August 25th, 2021!