“Just wanted to talk about Uso to Doukoku” [Fanbox blog post, 24/08/2021]

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I was thinking of doing that.
Out of nowhere.
Ah, Ranko here. Is everyone okay?

It’s been a while since the release of Touhou Danmaku Kagura. It includes three BUTAOTOME songs (Hakanaki Mono Ningen, Machibito wa Kozu. and Gekokujoujou, which it’s quite an unusual choice), but it’s not often that I get to hear my songs from other circles in a rhythm game, so I am happy and simply appreciate it.
I think Uso to Doukoku is a song that has been heard by so many people that it helped me get known as a vocalist, and to be able to play it in a rhythm game is truly a great thing.

My sister is talking about her past experiences with the Ura Best, so I thought I’d talk about mine, but I’m sure many of you are playing Danmaku Kagura, so I’ll start with my memories of Uso to Doukoku first (´∀`*)
I couldn’t post an URL because it’s not officially uploaded. It’s been released on all the streaming services, so please listen to it. Of course, the CD is also available at Diao ye zong.

This song~~~ was very difficult. No, for real. I think I can sing it better now than I did then. But I don’t know if I can sing with all my emotions out like that, so getting used to it is both good and bad.
I tend to be a one-shot kind of person when it comes to recording, and as I may have mentioned before, I’m trying to hone my instincts to see how good I can make something sound at that moment. I don’t have the ability to concentrate, so I’m not very good at taking a long time to record or refine a song.
This time, I recorded it in a different studio. For some reason, it was in Okinawa. That brings back memories.

Uso to Doukoku is difficult to make nuances in general, but especially the last chorus, it was so high that I thought I couldn’t sing it. Even though the key was too high to sing, I could do it in falsetto to a certain extent, but that’s definitely not falsetto. I was angry.
So what I did was singing it while holding some heavy dumbbells that were in the studio with both hands. I’ve talked about this in my blogs and live performances in the past, so people who know me know this fun fact (((^-^)))
I recently sang a song while holding dumbbells, and it really made my voice come out~ I recommend it if you want to get to high notes!
By the way, I think I used 10kg dumbbells when I sang Uso to Doukoku, but those I recently used were 16kg. And they weren’t just dumbbells, they were kettlebells, so they were much easier to hold!
It would have been even more difficult to sing if the emotion I had to express wasn’t anger.

I’ve been asked to sing as a guest vocalist for other circles a lot in the past ten years, though less recently, and each time there’s more or less drama, so I remember pretty much all of them, but this song, in particular, has a lot of memories. It’s been ten years already? I can’t believe it.

So, how was this text-filled post?
Next time, I’d like to write something about the Ura Best. It would be nice if I could write more posts. Sorry.

Ranko signing off!