“Tasogare Elegy’s inside story” [Fanbox blog post, 23/08/2021]

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Part of a series of posts where Ane talks about the albums featured in the Ura Best.

TL notes: “kayou” refers to “kayoukyoku“, which is pretty much the J-Pop of the Showa era.
Parco is a Japanese chain of department stores.

This is our 4th Touhou arrange CD.
[Tasogare Elegy]

After several years since release, we published a version of Tasogare Elegy with just piano and vocals.
[Tasogare Elegy Piano to Uta ver]
This one is quite powerful in its own way.
The singing style seems to have been changed as well.

That being said, I was searching for “Tasogare Elegy” and found a bar with the same name in Yokohama. Here it is.
I’d like to go there sometime.


The obi tagline is “The feelings of the maidens and the japon autumnal sky”
We wanted to give it an autumnal feel since it was published at Kouroumu.
Autumn, sorrow… ballads…

The original themes selection was split in half between IN and MoF.

I took this image from Yahoo! Auctions.
A crane and a turtle are on the cover art. They are symbols of longevity.
The image is somewhat like a Chinese-style aquarium. They are trapped in the water called eternity.

We had said that we wanted to do more kayou rock style, so that’s exactly what the sound was going to be. We were beginning to understand that we were a bit of a kayou rock group.

It was also at this time that I made a BUTAOTOME logo with a stamp.
I carved it out of stone. This is called seal engraving.

When I was learning ink painting, I also learned seal engraving.
It’s a culture based on the fundamental idea that one must be able to do painting, calligraphy, and seal engraving as a set, but my calligraphy was catastrophically bad, so I gave it up.

Back cover

I wanted to do something Showa-era avant-garde-ish… the kind of thing that brings it all together while making it vivid. Like a poster for a theater play…

I thought it would be hard to draw all the signs of the Chinese zodiac, but I took advantage of what my ink painting teacher taught me, that if you keep in mind horizontal lines and isosceles triangles, it will look more Japanese.
I wanted to make the picture as vivid as possible… I tried my best to do something like an advertising artwork for Parco…

Ura Best

Aware na Minashigo
Original: Yakujinsama no Toorimichi ~ Dark Road

Bero bero be
Original: Tsuki made Todoke, Fushi no Kemuri

We’ve played both of these songs in many live performances. Kayou fell and rock, they fit well us.
I’ll spare you the explanation.


Kakoinaki Yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage
Original: Taketori Hishou ~ Lunatic Princess

For Tasogare Elegy, I couldn’t come up with anything else other than this song, but I think I was able to draw the structure of this music video rather easily from beginning to end.
The colorful confetti suit Kaguya, don’t they?

I was able to properly imagine the existence of a psychedelic Eientei. How strongly you make it exist in your mind… If you don’t have the basics like I do, it’s more important than anything else, and my sister has been calling it “spiritualism” lately. That’s for sure.


Because of “Kakoinaki Yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage” and “Machibito wa Kozu.”, they say that BUTAOTOME is very Japanese.
Well… It’s not Western-style. What do you mean by Western-style, like gothic?
I’m not very good at that. Other people are better at it…
Japanese style, Chinese style… I think that’s it. Personally, I feel like I got into them quite well.
Many people have a strong impression of our image and this CD, so I think it would be good to try to delve into this atmosphere again.

Next is “En”.
Please look forward to it.

Ranko no Ane