“Long Skirt Panorama Girl’s inside story” [Fanbox blog post, 20/08/2021]

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Part of a series of posts where Ane talks about the albums featured in the Ura Best.
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This is our 3rd Touhou arrange CD.
[Long Skirt Panorama Girl]

This is the work we did when we participated in Comiket for the first time.
First Comiket… Summer… Summer music…
Reggae, sandy beach, big waves…
It’s not that kind of CD…


The obi tagline is “Forever and ever… Summer holiday”
Most of our early works have the titles and obi taglines decided by Comp.
Summer, girls, summer holidays forever.
That’s the concept.
I think the musicians said they wanted to make more cheerful songs and include some weird ones.
I had decided to go with a character with a lowered head + scenery.
My drawings aren’t very bright in what they emit, so… I also calculated that if I lowered head and body, everything would look more pop…

Cover art/Design

Since last time I “gathered materials and composed them like a mosaic” this time I
– Unify the overall atmosphere.
– Limit the colors used to create a pop worldview.
– Extract the pop nuances from Yuuka, such as check patterns and buttons.

We weren’t able to use special characters when distributing an album through other shops or digital services, so track 6 is written as “Shunkashuutou ~Tou!~” on our BOOTH. There was no thought given to what would happen when the text was posted on sites.


I made one video, commissioned one, and another one was made later by a volunteer.

I was very determined to make a CD that would promote this song, so I did the video structure properly…
This video is completely in line with the concept of the CD.
The girls… The passing summer… I wanted to capture that moment in their eyes… I wonder what it is. Summer gives such an image… I guess it’s the momentary glare of life that is so strong. If the light is strong, the shadows become darker.
Even though it is customary to have a long summer vacation, the term “winter memories” seems to be much less common than “summer memories”. I wonder if this is a feeling unique to Japan.

“Aoi Miren, Aoi Namida” was produced by Meisou Potage.
It was included in the Ura Best.
It’s amazing. The video is really amazing. It’s really tight with references.

The rise of the Nico Nico Douga site and the existence of the FLASH board occurred in parallel from our entrance… No, I can’t explain FLASH very well, so I’ll stop talking about it.

A totally different approach from Meisou Potage… This MV was made by Ringomajyutu, who uses the wonderful technique of carving fruit with physics.

Ringomajyutu… congratulations on becoming a toji… That’s very serious training… It’s very cool to be there.

“Jigoku Kakurenbo” Original: Ryokugan no Jealousy
Included in the Ura Best. Lyrics: Ranko no Ane

This video uses a stop motion technique.
Not only the apples but also the pictures and the accessories are the best view of hell. I mean, this is it. It’s the Nebuta Festival. It’s the world of the other side. That kind of power. Over time, my understanding of it has suddenly deepened.

When I went to Aomori on a visit, I visited the Nebuta Museum. It’s definitely worth a visit. You get to see the huge, glowing Nebuta up close… It’s absurd.


In summer it’s easy to do ballads and horror. We tried to do something pop, and I saw the feeling in that direction. I think the members saw a bit of the same thing.
As for me, I’m aware of my own pop limitations… I’m glad I did because it’s better to be aware. I quite like the Panorama Girl video.

I’m constantly thrilled, even though it was so long ago because I’ve been reflecting and acknowledging all sorts of things over time.
Now that the world is hot again (thank goodness it doesn’t have to be), I’d like to taste summer, even if it’s just for the mood. Maybe I’ll have a cider or something…

Ranko no Ane