Comp and Paprika’s guest works

This page provides info about Comp and Paprika’s works on other circles: from arrangements with not-Ranko vocalists to instrumental compositions etc.!

Instrumental tracks

ONGEKI Sound Collection 01『Jump!! Jump!! Jump!!』 | SEGA [2019-02-27]
Track 5: ロッキンピンクモンスター | Rockin’ Pink Monster
Original composition by Comp.

東方六楽抄 (Touhou Rokugakushou) | GROOVE COASTER [2017-05-07 – Reitaisai 14]
Track 6: コノハズク | Konohazuku [Shoutoku Densetsu ~ True Administrator | Chiisana Yokubou no Hoshizora]
Instrumental track by Comp

Track 2: 影の伝説 ~豚乙女mix~ | Kage no Densetsu ~BUTAOTOME mix~
Comp made an arrange of the main theme of the game Kage no Densetsu.

Nostalxia Drops | Exist twinkle [2015-12-31 – Comiket 89]
Track 7: Soft storage
Original composition by Paprika (first time she made an original track)

幻想郷四季・秋 テーマ (Gensoukyou Shiki) – Aki [Playstation Vita theme] [2015-10-28]
Comp made the BGM, which is an arrangement of Fall of Fall ~ Akimeku Taki.

TH14.5 Touhou Shinpiroku ~ Urban Legend in Limbo [2015-05-10 – Reitaisai 12]
Comp arranged Reimu’s theme, “Niiru Renkachou ~ Red and White”. The OST version has an additional intro. The same theme also appears on TH15.5 Touhou Hyouibana ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers.

Songs with non-Ranko vocalists

君にエール!!!! 〜同じ空の下で〜 (Kimi ni Ale!!!! ~Onaji Sora no Shita de~) | elfin’ [2018-11-07]
Track 2: ぐるぐるポンポン大作戦 | Guruguru Ponpon Daisakusen
Opening theme of the anime Meow Meow Japanese History. Composed and written by Comp. Vocals by elfin’.

アゲアゲスパーク! (Ageage Spark!) | COOL&CREATE [2017-12-29 – Comiket 93]
Track 5: マルバツビート | Marubatsu Beat [Shigen no Beat ~ Pristine Beat]
Arranged by Comp. Lyrics by Beatmario, vocals by Beatmario and Amane.

東方響宴夢 (Touhou Kyouenmu) [2016-05-08 – Reitaisai 13]
Track 4: カリソメ | Karisome [Hartmann no Youkai Shoujo]
Arranged by Comp. Vocals by ichigo (Kishida Kyoudan).

VISTA | Karento [2016-05-08 – Reitaisai 13]
Track 6: Pinhole mind [Reverse Ideology]
Arranged by Paprika. Vocals and lyrics by Mamemi.

luz | Karento [2015-05-10 – Reitaisai 12]
Track 1: Starlight Trip [Yozora no UFO Romance]
Track 6: Starlight Trip 〜instrumental ver.
Arranged by Paprika. Vocals and lyrics by Mamemi.

FRANxPOP | forestpireo [2012-08-11 – Comiket 82]
Track 5: コンペイ糖 | Konpeitou [Locked Girl ~ Shoujo Misshitsu]
Comp arranged and wrote the lyrics. Vocals are by Meramipop [Cosmopolitan].
Note: This song is completely unrelated to Konpeitou, although they share the same identical title.

Pap & Comp songs

神獣の宴 -the Grateful BEASTS- (Shinjuu no Utage) ​ | EX Eientei [2017-12-29 – Comiket 93]
Track 5: 天才と詐欺師 | Tensai to Sagishi [Ousasama no Shiroi Hata]

Bass/Piano playing

チバニクル (Chibanicle) | Funassyi [2018-07-04]
Comp played bass. He also provided some choruses together with Paprika and Ane.

BEAT&ROSES | Mitsuhiro Oikawa [2018-03-28]
Track 4: セックスフレンド | Sex Friend (2018)
Comp played bass

ハジマリノヒカリ (Hajimari no Hikari) | Araken [2017-10-01]
Comp played bass in one track

TOHO EUROBEAT EX – THE LEGENDARY BOUTS — A-One [2014-12-29 – Comiket 87]
Track 1: STAR LINER [Hiroshige 36gou ~ Neo Super-Express | Mottomo Sumiwataru Sora to Umi]
Comp played bass.
Note: this song also features Ranko’s vocals.

林檎華憐歌 (Ringo Karenka) | COOL&CREATE [2012-08-11 – Comiket 82]
Track 1: 林檎華憐歌・母 | Ringo Karenka – haha
Track 4: Brasscapsule × 林檎華憐歌 | Brasscapsule x Ringo Karenka
Track 6: 林檎華憐歌・母(カラオケバージョン) | Ringo Karenka – haha (Karaoke version)
Comp played bass.


ブライダルあまねりお (Bridal Amanerio) | COOL&CREATE [2016-08-13 – Comiket 90]
Track 9: お祝いサウンドレター その3 豚乙女
A sound letter from Comp to celebrate Beatmario and Amane’s marriage.