Tiramisu Cowboy’s “Hi, every Buta song is translated” update

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You know, ever since COVID happened, I feel like there has been a severe lack of constant news, you probably have noticed that I skipped recaps multiple times. I’m unsure if I’m getting old or if there is truly a lack of exciting news. So… let’s try to write a round-up!

Reitaisai went fine, next event is Touhou Meikasai on June 25!

The sisters have been pretty consistent with updating the Fanbox radio (it’s close to reaching its 100th episode), and while I admit I don’t really listen to them, I admire the sisters for their perseverance. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t like how BUTAOTOME’s Fanbox is managed. I feel like there is a severe lack of content that is more about Buta’s music and art (album commentary, general behind the scene stuff, previews for upcoming works, etc.), and when we do get them, it’s like… once every X months. It’s also hard to find the actually interesting posts in the sea of free blog posts and Sis radios (Fanbox also doesn’t have an archive system and post search, hence why I made this full index). However, the Fanbox is still a great way to support Buta in case you can’t buy their albums, so consider doing so regardless of the content!

Comp has renewed his passport, and he is looking forward to going overseas this year! Who knows what are his plans? He also recorded in an external studio, but to me, it’s hard to be excited about those. All the “external studio recordings” he tweeted through the past two years have always turned out to be songs for the MV Project of a certain gacha (including those where Comp is not directly involved with the arrangement). I hope one day I’ll be proven wrong!

The official YouTube upload of Machibito wa Kozu. just surpassed 1 million views! This is the second upload to reach this milestone. Next one should be Soldi!

In the merch department, the Ane set with acrylic stand and stickers is sold out and probably won’t ever be reprinted again. The GenSate and Kyouen keychains are also out of stock (again), but the ones for Machibito, Hakanaki Mono Ningen, and Kakoinaki yo wa are still available!

But now, to the main topic of this post: I have finally published translations for I LOVE RED and I LOVE CHERRY, which means that now every single BUTAOTOME song has a translation! Yes, EVERYTHING.

Well, if you wanna be nitpicky, there are some rhythm game/gacha songs that don’t even have lyrics, but until a physical OST is released or I miraculously get the lyrics from an official source, I can’t do anything about them. Plus those two missing songs with other vocalists are not really “BUTAOTOME songs”.

I don’t have any celebratory speech. While I haven’t translated ALL the Buta songs myself, I still have done the majority of them. I guess I should be proud of myself, considering that I have done something that nobody has managed to consistently do in 10+ years. And… well, the actual celebration is in the “Let’s Talk About BUTAOTOME’s Lyrics” posts. I wrote them for Ane and Ranko‘s birthdays, go read them if you missed them!

Of course, I’m not going to rest. Any future song will be translated, more translated content will come! I have so much stuff to do for this website, I have so many ideas and projects in mind, although procrastination still hits hard. I wish I could have the motivation to write reviews and do scanlations. But first, I need to finish Comp’s birthday post, which will be the final part of the lyrics’ pseudo-analysis!

And that’s all for today 🫶 (I will never use this emoticon again)