One Week BUTAOTOME 222: Reitaisai 20 is next week (+ April 2023 doujin package pseudo-review)

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Two Anes

I’m considering permanently moving the weekly recap to Sunday… Anyway, April is over, and we have plenty of news!

Reitaisai 20

Reitaisai 20 is next week, and BUTAOTOME will bring a best of and more song logo keychains! More info here.

Due to the only new release being a best of with zero new content, I’ve already published my review! You can find it here.

Live news

The yearly Super Touhou Live Stage was last Thursday! In case you missed it, you can watch it down below (timestamped to the Buta part):


  1. Gensou no Satellite
  2. Hakanaki Mono Ningen
  3. Mesen
  4. Hakidasu Aka
  5. Soldi
  6. Haru no Yuki

Also, here is the setlist of the #Futsuu no Live from the 15th:

  1. Haruka Tooi Sora no Koe
  2. Soldi
  3. Y
  4. Shiawase
  5. Panorama Girl
  6. Gensou no Satellite

Fun fact: Y’s lyrics were written as an answer to Fujimi no Girlfriend (不死身のガールフレンド), which was played during MN-logic24’s set!
This live is no longer possible to watch, but Shiawase has been uploaded to the Fanbox!

Groove Coaster news

Groove Coaster will release a UFO-themed DLC for its Nintendo Switch version on May 11 (but if you go to Reitaisai, you can play it in advance). It will include Hashiru, a lesser-known track from Daifugou! Did you know that this is the first time Ichirin gets any sort of rhythm game representation? Good thing that it comes from a group that has four vocals of her theme! By the way, tell me your favorite Ichirin song.

It’s karaoke time!

Topia, a free app for karaoke, is adding Touhou songs! The list is here. Of course, BUTAOTOME songs are included! The most notable ones (as they are not already available on JOYSOUND/DAM) are Mesen and DiGiTAL WiNG’s Tenchi Yuuyou! Friends told me that the songs there are in their pure karaoke version (not the midi stuff DAM uses), so I guess it would be interesting to dat-

Violet Tiramise updates

Tomorrow is a new month… My current priority is Comp’s birthday post (to be published at the end of May), and I have so much stuff to do… I hope I can get something done, there are times when I get highly demotivated and I just don’t want to do anything… Right now I feel very happy so I’ll get back to work once I publish this, but WHO KNOWS.

In the meantime… I guess I’ll talk about my recent collection update because why not! So, I recently got a package with some old albums for my collection. Since this is a BUTAOTOME website, I’ll only talk about the stuff with some relation to the Pig!

I’m no longer allowed to complain about eurobeat albums. Jokes aside, I don’t mind some eurobeat, I’m mostly bothered by the sheer amount of albums of that genre released at every single event, and how they almost always have “eurobeat” (or a variation of it) in the title. This package had 3 A-One albums, and they certainly stood out in between releases with completely normal titles that say nothing about their genre like “Vanitas vanitatum” or “机上の境界”. Anyway, these albums all have Ranko songs, and I do admit Side by Side is pretty good.

Finally, I have this TsuBaKi album! Nusumenai Nightmare is one of my favorite Ranko duets, and the whole EP is quite solid.

This is an old 1569 anthology about Merry’s 30th birthday and… her sloppy tits. Despite the title and including plenty of well-endowed Merry fan arts and comics, it’s not R-18, and it even has a guest comic by Ane, in her cute manga style!


And that’s all for today!!