Tiramisu Cowboy’s February 2022 update

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First of all, HAPPY ELDEN RING RELEASE DAY! I won’t play it (my boyfriend is the From Software fan here, but I’ve been watching him play and I sang Yokoshima na Honoo every time he died, I will listen to the OST and explore the lore), but it’s amazing to see that a long-awaited game is finally here, and that is receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews!

….okay, let’s go back to the actual topic of this website!

A recap of BUTAOTOME news

The most important news of the month is that we finally have a big live! The name is OHISA, because it’s been a long time! April 9 at Shibuya’s Take Off 7. Tickets will be sold on livepocket starting on Sunday!
Due to the Covid restrictions, it will be very hard for overseas people to be there… say hi to the members for me in case you can go!

On March 14, we will get a new batch of Touhou albums added to streaming services. No further details, but I think it’s safe to expect Hyakumannin no Heikou Hifuu! (source: Touhou no Uta)

We will have two Spring Reitaisais this year! The first will be in Niigata, on March 20. BUTAOTOME will be there, but Ane already confirmed that they’ll just bring old releases and a few C99 sets. I guess they didn’t go sold out… The second Reitaisai will happen on May 8. Nothing has been confirmed so far, except that the Pig is in the circle list, but hopefully we’ll get a new album!

Niigata Reitaisai announcements are already starting, and we have a very unusual guest participation. Ane made the cover art for Crazy Berry’s upcoming release, Kuruichigo 6. Crazy Berry is a side-project of ichigo (Kisida Kyodan) where she sings poppier/electronic arrangements. This is the second album ever (and the first Touhou one) that has a bunny cover art without being a BUTAOTOME release!

Chrono Circle’s official channel uploaded the BGA of the original songs from the game on YouTube. We can finally listen to Konnichiwa Byebye (BUTAOTOME’s newest original song) in high quality, and watch its cute accompanying video!

Uki Yomichi (TAMAONSEN’s Broken Moon arrangement with Ranko) has been added to Touhou Danmaku Kagura.

A recap of website updates

I’ve been focusing mostly on writing Ranko’s birthday post, but now I’m back to translations! I’m planning to publish a newly translated article on Sunday.

Regarding lyrics, the following albums and songs have been translated:

I’m expecting to finish the three remaining albums in my queue next month. Afterward… it will be time for another form!

Aaaaand that’s all for this update!