Moving forward

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This is a post that comes from my heart. I’m not even sure if I’m able to write everything I want to say. But let’s try.

First of all… No. I’m not going to close this website. This is not the end. It’s just that… I decided that I will massively reduce my efforts and activities on it. This means posts will become more occasional, not every single news will be reported, some big projects will be dropped, and there will be fewer reviews. There are still some things I will keep doing, such as translating new songs whenever possible and providing subtitles if there is a new PV.

I still love BUTAOTOME and their music. But I can’t deny that these last few years have been not particularly exciting, and (in my opinion) we are in their “midlife crisis” era. There are also some aspects of them that I have just become tired of, and checking/writing about them has become something I had to do (the lives being the biggest one).

I also have to say that Touhou in general has become pretty stagnant, and I’ve been gradually losing interest in checking news about it (2hu Lost Ass released yet another out-of-season swimsuit alt and Random Rhythm Game just added Internet Shitvivor, more at 11). I still love my favorite girls and listen to stuff from my favorite circles and the Hifuu side, but… Yeah.

Another reason for my choice is that I want to write more about whatever I like, and not feel “forced” onto specific topics. And so… I’ve created a new blog just for that. You can find it here. The first real post will be published on June 2nd, and then… who knows!

Thank you for reading.

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