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[Discussion/rant?] The Music Game Best and compilation contributions

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A random post I got the idea some nights ago while sleeping. The C93 releases are officially out! This time I ordered my copies through the usual proxy service and I’ll publish lyrics/other info once they arrive at my house. You won’t have to wait too much for the review. But here we are talking about the least important of… Read more »

2016/2017 live stats

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Why people are interested on setlists? I think they are a way for hardcore fans to keep an eye to the activity of their favourite artists, outside of the usual “listen the music, analyze it, discuss it, find something to do with their work while still respecting it”. Or for simple curious people, who want to know what to expect… Read more »

A beginner’s guide to the World of BUTAOTOME

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Updated on November 17, 2019. “Oh, I want to start with BUTAOTOME. But what you would recommend?!”With their LAAAAAAAAARGE discography, anyone who would like to start to listen to them would probably stare at the screen and say “ok… and now? Where can I start?”. Here is Violet, who will try to help you! For Touhou arrange listeners, the first… Read more »

Know Your Remix – a guide to alternate versions

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The other day I got the idea of making a list of all the alternate versions and remixes in BUTAOTOME’s track catalogue. From there, I decided to analyze each one of them and find a suitable category. Join me in this colorful journey! – in blue, songs released in normally available albums in BUTAOTOME’s discography. – in red, songs released… Read more »

[Discussion] A new live DVD?

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C92 announcements are flooding my timelines, and I noticed there is an abundance of live DVDs. That made me rise my hope that Butaotome would release one as well, with the Kore made mo live and/or Furubokkoru tour footages. I’ve discussed with Scott and here are the points we’ve brought up: – First of all, how this DVD (or even… Read more »

BUTAOTOME’s setlists: staple songs

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So, it’s time for an article I had the idea of writing since a couple of weeks, but after posting a list of all the songs played during the Furubokkoru tour I thought “why not?” This is basically a recap of every BUTAOTOME album with me writing which are the so-called “staples” (aka the songs played almost at every live)… Read more »

[Discussion] Ranko’s best of?

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The concept for this article is something I thought since a long time, but I only thought about writing it in the last few months. In all these years, Ranko sang for many other circles and arrangers outside BUTAOTOME: most of these tracks are of similar genres, while others go outside those borders. While she is not like a random… Read more »

BUTAOTOME Major Debut: thoughts and considerations

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First, a little update: it turned out that November’s recordings were actually for the major album! The C91 stuff is still in the making (I assume they’ll be the usual Touhou vocal and Nekokenban). Now, let’s start this important post. [I wanted to put some celebrative pic, but there are bad lights in my room orz] A recap for the… Read more »

Butaotome’s Hifuu Songs

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This is mainly an English and updated version of this old post. It was something I planned to write since a long time, and I wanted to finally post it this weekend. But today a new ZUN album has been announced, so I think it’s the best moment! (random RenMerry drawing by Ranko no Ane, just for make this post… Read more »