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Another surprise live announcement! The true first live of 2024 is gonna be a two man live with the duo DooDooDooMiuMiuMiu. January 27 at Tokyo’s Aoyama RizM! Tickets will be sold on eplus starting from November 18.

Daifugou vs Daihinmin – setlist

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Live has just ended! Thanks to Ark Lucifead as usual for the setlist! Well, not every song from Daihinmin and Daifugou got played (as I expected. Let’s be honest, did anyone really expect Reimei to be played?), however the setlist is filled with songs played for the first time and also tracks played after a long time! During the encore,… Read more »

Genso Mosh Pit vol.1 (May 2013)

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Today I bring you a piece of history! GENSO MOSH PIT was a Touhou music magazine published in 2013. It featured exclusive interviews, reviews, live reports, and more. The first issue had some BUTAOTOME contents, namely a long interview with the members (made during their Magical Gambler tour) and a report of their live at Gifu on April 6th, 2013…. Read more »

BUTAOTOME one man live – OHISA

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It’s been a long time! A new one man live has been just announced! It will be the first big live after the 10th anniversary lives in 2019, as well as the first one without Paprika. This live will be held on April 9 at Shibuya’s TAKE OFF 7 (oh no…). It won’t be livestreamed. Tickets will be sold on… Read more »