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Ranko’s commentary of Buta Lounge

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This was posted back in April on BUTAOTOME’s official fanclub blog.I decided to translate this one for a couple of reasons. The first one is that I want to give to the readers of this website a good insight into how Buta Lounge was. The second is that I hope it will also make you want to listen to a… Read more »

Paprika’s blog post [13/08/2019]

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For the first time ever, Paprika decided to post a track-by-track commentary about her newest work! This is a translation of her latest fanclub post, where she talks about Touhou Nekokenban 18! Note: due to my policy about fanclub contents, I removed not just the intro and the outro of her post, but also the pics that were included there,… Read more »

Ranko’s blog post [12/08/2019]

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The C96 releases are out and Ranko already posted her track-by-track commentary about the vocal albums! Here is a translation! I’m surprised by how I managed to translate it faster than my usual times, but I still want to thank Robin for the help with a couple of sentences!This might be revised once I get my copies. Please, don’t repost this… Read more »

The colorful world of BUTAOTOME’s cover girls

Aaaaaand yeah. I decided to delay the new part of the rank(o)ing. As an apology, I want to bring you a small and lighter article I had in mind for a long time. If you follow BUTAOTOME not just for their Touhou stuff, you probably have already noticed the girls who are on the cover of their original albums (and… Read more »

Bass Magazine special – Listen to these albums during the Bass Day!

This is part of a special feature on November 2018’s issue of Bass Magazine. November 11 is Bass Day and 50 professional bassists from the Japanese music scene have been asked about their favourite albums for the bass. Below it’s a translation of Comp’s part! ————— Comp’s favourite record“Travelling Without Moving” Jamiroquai This album is wonderful both in sound and… Read more »

BUTAOTOME’s unimportant trivia

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While I was cleaning my Dropbox, I found a txt I saved years ago with some random trivia listed. I decided to translate them because yes! These are just random personal information about the four BUTAOTOME members. They were tweeted by the official twitter account (@butaotome) in 2013 with the tag 【豚乙女どーでもいい豆知識】. You can read the original Japanese by searching… Read more »

Ranko’s blog post [14/05/2018]

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A translation of Ranko’s blog post in the fanclub, more specifically the part where she talks about the lyrics she wrote for Daihinmin and Majotachi no Ongakushitsu. I’ll probably revise them once I get the albums! ———– First of all, here is the first release. Track 2 “Sono Saki no Oku” The Grimoire of Alice is the original theme, so… Read more »