Gekkayo – Oriental Yumekikou review and Machibito wa Kozu. music sheet [November 2011]

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Gekkayo was a very old music magazine that had some doujin/internet culture-related content. It’s currently dead, so your only way to get copies is through second-hand shops.

The Novemeber 2011 issue had a review of Oriental Yumekikou from Comp and a music sheet for Machibito wa Kozu., and here they are!

Special thanks to Merami fan for sending me the scans! Also, expect more Gekkayo content in the future…

BUTAOTOME’s 10th album. The theme is “From the car window of Shangri-La”. Based on our band sound, we have put together a rich variety of songs, from emotional lively tunes to tear-jerking ballads.
We start our journey with the first track, “Yumekikou,” then through encounters slightly tinged with fear in “Yoi Kage” and “An’ya Kouro,” we head to the East in “Niji no Holograph”. The train passes through the underground and, in the final track, “Hoshi no Mukou ni,” it returns to this side, having crossed the border unnoticed. Vocalist Ranko’s powerful voice, as well as her slightly different gentle and poignant tones, are a must-listen. The arrangements were made with a conscious effort to create a new world view while respecting the original themes. The lyrics are written with a unique perspective, fueled by fantasies about the captivating Touhou Project characters. We hope you enjoy the accompanying booklet with its continuous art, and embark on your own journey.

And here is the Machibito music sheet!