Delivering an update…

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So, hello? It’s been a while!

The Persona brain rot is going super strong – I’m currently playing 2 (cleared Innocent Sin, so now it’s Eternal Punishment time), and also consuming a lot of extra material related to 5. A certain detective has been living rent-free in my brain, in a way I probably never felt with other characters. Congratulations Scott, you created a monster.

Setting up a little corner for misc stuff…

There hasn’t been a lot of news outside of the Za Ningen live announcement and setlist posting. Refer to the previous posts for more info. Other news include:

  • Nanase Aikawa has released a new song, called Blue Star. It’s composed and arranged by Comp. Now, you might remember a “blue star” song from an old post, so now it’s here! Info, lyrics, and translation are up here, as usual!
  • The goods for the Buta x Metronome live are up on BOOTH! T-shirt Towel
  • Reitaisai is coming back in Taiwan on September 14! There will also be an Uta Matsuri event on the day before, of course BUTAOTOME is in the lineup!
  • Ichigo will have her usual birthday live on June 9, Comp will play for her.

And that’s all for today! I just wanted to give an update and hopefully, I’ll be back on properly working on this website soon!