Sawareru Yume live is real!

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This past weekend was Hifuu-themed with the Ano Hi Mita Gensou live and the Café Terrace event!

The Hifuu live went… not so well. At least for live stream watchers. The streaming had tons of issues, which resulted on the Buta set being almost unwatchable. Here is what they played:

  1. Mittsu Kazoero
  2. Sawareru Yume (live debut)
  3. Occultic Dreamer
  4. Nokosareta Hoshi
  5. seika (live debut)
  6. Gensou no Satellite

Livestream issues were so bad that Sawareru Yume got completely skipped, and I learned they played it only once the setlist was posted. Luckily, the AnoGen organizers managed to upload a fixed archived version! And it’s beautiful. I’m so happy. My favorite song finally got a live perfomance. The other songs in the setlist were also great, but well, it’s hard to fail with Hifuu! Nokosareta Hoshi was especially lovely!

The rest of the live was overall great. The livestream issues ruined my enjoyment of it, so I’m very glad for the archived version. But it’s a shame that the Water Color Melody set had no audio for a whole half… As for my favorite non-Buta act, this year’s choice is TUMENECO. They are always pretty good live, and this time they also had Mie! Also, the encore with Genmu and everyone singing it (there was even a small duet between Ranko and Mie) was amazing.
You can still purchase a streaming ticket here, and the live will be available to watch until the 10th.

The Café Terrace event went fine! BUTAOTOME had some new goods that you can see here. They managed to sell out the key holder and the mug, so they will probably sell extra stocks of the t-shirt on BOOTH! (Ane tweet) No words about a re-release.

Moving to non-Hifuu territories… the members have been cooking something… Comp made new music, Ranko recorded… Oh, and the setlist of Daifugou vs Daihinmin has been decided!

Now, here is something I forgot to mention in my previous update…
A while ago, the official Twitter (who the heck calls it X) account of Nanase Aikawa posted this video. I’m not really familiar with her works, but that song sounded very Comp-like, so I investigated. First, I tried to google the lyrics, but couldn’t find anything, so I assumed it was a new song. Next, I checked the setlists of her past July tour (where Comp was the bassist). My source was this website. Each song has a link to for its lyrics, and each one has an ID… except for those that I assume are unreleased on CD (googling them also didn’t give any way to listen to them). And there are two songs that fit the label. One is “タイムマシンにおねがい” (Time Machine ni Onegai), which seems to be a cover of this. And the other is “BLUE STARS”. While this doesn’t sound like a Comp-ish title, the song in that PV mentions “aoi hoshi” multiple times.
Either way, I guess now I have a reason to keep an eye on Nanase’s future stuff, and exploring her discography in the meantime!

Now, let’s move onto my news!
I still haven’t get my copy of Oshira Asobi… I apologize for the huge delay in my review and translations (but if anyone has the book, feel free to contact me and send pics).

The complete tracking of my C102 package, probably lost in the abyss.

I’m working on a new post, and I also have a doujin package review planned! Hopefully, I manage to finish at least one of them before the Pokémon SV DLC releases next week…

And that’s all for today!