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Daifugou vs Daihinmin – setlist

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Live has just ended! Thanks to Ark Lucifead as usual for the setlist! Well, not every song from Daihinmin and Daifugou got played (as I expected. Let’s be honest, did anyone really expect Reimei to be played?), however the setlist is filled with songs played for the first time and also tracks played after a long time! During the encore,… Read more »

Daihinmin vs Daifugou is in two days (tomorrow)!

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This long awaited live is coming this Saturday! At Shibuya’s Take off 7 :thejarAAAAAAAAAAAA: Tickets (no streaming) are still available here, but you can also buy them at the venue. Ane hopes many people can go, since it’s gonna be a concept live with a very unique setlist. And In the latest Radio post, the sisters said that they would… Read more »

My favorite Touhou characters (and their ties to BUTAOTOME)

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For a while, I have been thinking of a nice way to “organize” my top favorite Touhou characters… and so I decided to apply some self-imposed rules: There will be 8 characters, like your typical Buta album. Each one will also have her own Ane art. So, let’s get started! Sanae Kochiya On every Touhou Popularity Poll, one has to… Read more »

Touhou popularity poll 19 – BUTAOTOME-related stats

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It’s that time of the year again! The results of the 19th Touhou popularity poll have been released, so here are the usual music stats. 2022 edition2021 edition Here are the themes in the top 100 that don’t have a BUTAOTOME arrangement yet (excluding UDoALG tracks). Tracks with a * have an arrangement, but it’s instrumental/has other vocals. 29. Kourou ~… Read more »

BOOTH summer sale! DaiVS radio! Upcoming stuff!

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The BUTAOTOME BOOTH is currently having a 50% sale on some old merch! They also added a few old t-shirts back in stock, such as this favorite of mine. (they also added the Hifuu t-shirt from the Kyoto event earlier this month buuuuuuuuuuut it’s sold-out already) Take this opportunity to buy something nice! In preparation for the upcoming Daihinmin VS… Read more »

Oshira Asobi – review

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“Was ignorance my sin? Is this my punishment?Everything goes according to the heart of godsIt’s a childlike play” After a whole month of waiting, I finally have my copy of Oshira Asobi, BUTAOTOME’s C102 release! This time we have a book with a song. Ane mentioned that they wanted to do something like that at least once… and it was… Read more »

Oshira Asobi is finally here!

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Hi! How’s going for you? The Teal Mask DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has been released and I’ve already completed it (story and Dex) :musedeadinside: But let’s move on to relevant stuff… After a long odyssey, I finally received my C102 package! Yesterday I devoted myself to Oshira Asobi, and I can finally bring you my translation of the… Read more »

August 2023 doujin package pseudo-review

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I originally wanted to write this one along with the C102 package review. However, it still hasn’t arrived, so here we have this new post. Please send positive thoughts, so maybe it will be recovered from the abyss. Or maybe I should do a FELT reference that is not Lost in the Abyss. So, the contents of this package come… Read more »


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The mysterious December 9th live has finally been announced! PIG SOAP SLUT is a three man live with Sekkenya and THE SLUT BANKS. It will be held on December 9 at Aoyama RizM. Tickets will be sold on eplus starting from September 17! Ranko just published this blog post with fangirl talks. She is a huge fan of THE SLUT… Read more »

Sawareru Yume live is real!

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This past weekend was Hifuu-themed with the Ano Hi Mita Gensou live and the Café Terrace event! The Hifuu live went… not so well. At least for live stream watchers. The streaming had tons of issues, which resulted on the Buta set being almost unwatchable. Here is what they played: Livestream issues were so bad that Sawareru Yume got completely… Read more »