Back from the holiday with news and translations!

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Aaaand I’m back! During these past weeks I got Covid, so me and my boyfriend’s plans were fucked. No Venice and Verona for us… Still, we spent some great moments together, and the new original songs were the cherry on top!

Now I’m back working on stuff in all my fields, but I’m also addicted to a certain game that is gonna take me a lot to beat, so I need to balance.

So you know that we’re out there… (expect Persona brain rot for a while)

A lot of the things that happened while I was away already got their dedicated post, but for a small recap of the most important ones:

  • We got two original songs, Narase and Jareta Te! Narase also has its own PV. Both songs are available on plenty of digital stores and streaming services, check the links on the TuneCore page.
  • The merch for the Pink tour and the 15th anniversary are now on sale on BOOTH! There are acrylic stands, t-shirts, bags, and more!

Now, for the things I did for this website…

I added lyrics and translations for a few songs, namely:

  • Silent Bloom, the collab (sic) song with IRON ATTACK!. Lyrics are from IA’s Fanbox. The paywalled post has some other stuff, including a preliminary version of the song, so check it out if you like it.
  • Hopitasukopira, from pop’n music Kaimei Riddles. The physical OST was released a couple of weeks ago, so we finally have the lyrics.
  • And of course, the two new originals. Narase‘s translation is also on the official video! Also, very special thanks to Comp for sending me Jareta Te‘s lyrics! Yes, these are the real deal. Don’t ask me.

I’ve also wrote Ane’s birthday post, and translated some of her free Fanbox posts. In this one she talked about Obake no Sakurazome and Itoyuyushi, while here she talked about the making of Narase‘s video.

Next posts are gonna be the Itoyuyushi review and Ranko’s birthday post!

Aaaaand that’s all for today.

I think it fits the song…