“Went through celebration + PV talks” [Fanbox blog post, 03/02/2024]

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Ane here.
My birthday was on the 1st and it was celebrated in various places.
Thank you.

By various places, I mean the Twitter hashtag #ランコの姉生誕祭, the replies to the post on the official account, DMs on Instagram, replies on BlueSky, LINE, etc. as I don’t have my own account now…
In recent years, I have been only getting replies on Twitter, so I guess this is what happens when you lose your account. This was a decentralized year.

Thank you. I’m looking at all of them (can’t reply on Twitter).
I’ve been filing complaints about Twitter & filing complaints (in English), and then filing complaints again in email replies. I’ve heard that it’s best to do this frequently, so I’m going to do this for a while.

And then

The MV for our new song has been released and it’s also available on various streaming platforms.
It’s one MV, but there is another new song.

So, I’m glad to readr your comments.
Comments on videos are very helpful because they are about the work at that moment.

It is tasteless to talk about impressions on everything, but I heard that if the growth of comments on a video is not better than the comments during the premiere release, the purity of the content is questioned and the video doesn’t show up much in recommended sections.

I’m having trouble with with all the formulas that come into everything.
I can’t even add up the numbers properly.

Well… that being said, now is a good time to throw in a comment, so I’d be glad if you could write one.

For the PV, I shot a lot of material in the Asakusa underground shopping street. It’s a strange space that doesn’t feel like an urban center.
What the hell is keeping it in that state? I have no idea.
It is quite impressive. It still exists without any leaks or repairs.
There were a few foreign tourists who came here and there to see its charm. I wonder how they received that scenery.

I thought a lot about this girl, and drew up a lot of settings, such as how she lives, but I couldn’t make much use of them when I made the video. Making a video is hard.

Anyway, we have new goods along with the new songs.

This is the artwork of the tour bag.
After making it, I asked Comp-san if it was OK to cut out this part with pictures and text and make it into a merchandise item, and I was happy to get a smooth OK. I like it.

Anyway, this is how it looks today.