“Obake no Sakurazome & Itoyuyushi work talk” [Fanbox blog post, 29/01/2024]

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A bit late, but here is a translation of a blog post where Ane talked about the newest Yuyuko-centered releases!

Ane here.
Although it’s been hectic since the end of the year, it feels like things have settled down a bit. Is it for real…?

I’m doing it now because I thought some content was too rushed to be blogged properly. Now?
And it’s long.

Before that

Thank you very much for the two man live with DooDooDooMiuMiuMiu the other day.
When I saw the anniversary goods that people were carrying, I thought again, “They are all so cute~”
Thank you very much.

The hoodie is a warm with brushed lining. It is a warm and light type of material.
It’s not that type of heavy sweatshirt, you know?
This is a strange explanation because, personally, I’m not too fond of heavy clothes.

BUTAOTOME 15th anniversary acrylic stands, I tried to make them shine.

Too cheerful (what is this stand???)

We played “Kaze ga Fuitara” from this book and the new Winter Comiket album for the first time live. It was very calm.

This picture book is still in stock. I received comments from quite a few people, which made me feel happy about its feedback.

When creating this book, I thought a lot about it… and since I couldn’t understand some parts just by thinking, I actually tried dyeing using Yoshino cherry trees.

Here it is.

In the midst of the rush, I had to cook for myself…
Boil it out, or to be more precise, boil it for 30 minutes, dump the water, repeat 3 times, and leave the liquid overnight…
Repeat twice to make liquid 1 and liquid 2…
I won’t go into the details because it’s complicated…

I should have made boiled eggs at the same time.

And then soak them while boiling…

As a result, it turned out to be a much more orangey pink than the baby pink I had imagined, because the yellowish color is stronger when the material is not near the flower buds…
I wasn’t satisfied…

I don’t have any other pictures.
Yeah, they were awful.
That’s what I’m talking about.

I’m sorry that the pictures are dirty and I feel like I’m just reporting a failure now. That’s not what I wanted to say…

Cherry blossoms are just that in the first place, aren’t they?

Everyone shares the general image of cherry blossoms, but when you hold the actual petals in your hands and look at them closely, they are not the same color as the one in your brain… And the cherry blossoms drawn by foreign artists tend to be darker in color. There’s a kind of animistic feeling, starting from the entrance of “the taste of the scattered flowers is included in the flavor of the food”…

And the fact that such ephemeral color tones can be transferred in the state of “pigment” is interesting in an alchemical way, isn’t it? That kind of Japanize Dream… The louder you say it, the more it feels like you’re drifting away from the essence…
It’s the opposite of “you can make a big sound with three chords”…

“Kaze ga Fuitara” feels like it’s placed in a good atmosphere in that sense.
It’s good that it’s not like Sakura = Wa (tune of the koto).

And I was also thinking about the story about the atmosphere I just mentioned, and how it would be conveyed to foreign audiences as a whole.

Someone wrote a very detailed review.
Everything was conveyed. I didn’t need to worry.

So, about the winter Comiket release.

I had never tried to draw a corpse before, so there were a lot of things I had to think about for the first time (like the mouth being open, or not being able to get the hands together properly, etc.).
I thought about it a lot, and it made me feel sad, so I decided to make a picture in which there was no blood or anything else visible. I thought that the mourners would keep such a picture clean…

Since I got asked, I wrote “All the mountains, rivers, plants and trees attain Buddhahood” on her arm.
I was trying to quote the phrase “All the plants and countries attain Buddhahood” from Saigyouzakura….
I made a mistake…didn’t I?
I’m glad it wasn’t the kind of mistake that would cause a major shift in meaning.
I didn’t do too well in classical literature.

I’m talking about my mistakes again.

Now let’s move on to a totally different topic.
Let’s talk about originals.
While explaining “This is an original CD…” at the live sales the other day, I felt the limit of the information I could give on the spot. Usually, the word that contrasts to “original” is “cover,” isn’t it?


We will premiere a music video.

It will be released on February 1 at 9 pm.
Please look forward to it.