It’s not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it’s a girl in pig’s clothing. Don’t be fooled by the appearance. LISTEN! (by Tenma Matsunaga, Urbangarde)

Title: 豚乙女Fanbook
Pages: 120
Publisher: Genkousha
Release date: 17/02/2016

“Sorry for the wait!
Finally, this book is released!

BUTAOTOME are a music unit consisting of a human, a polar bear, a cat, and a rabbit.
They are not limited to music, but they also produce illustrations, photography, cooking, and anything fun.

From the discography (obviously) to BUTAOTOME-ish special projects, their charm is condensed in this book.
People who know them and people who don’t know them, everybody is invited to the World of BUTAOTOME.”

Members’ Profiles

Chapter One – Discography
Touhou Vocal Arrange CDs
Touhou Vocal Arrange CDs (BEST)
Touhou Instrumental Arrange CDs
Original Vocal CDs
Limited Releases
BUTAOTOME’s releases timeline
BUTAOTOME goods collection
Live & Backstage pictures

Chapter Two – Members’ Corner
Ranko – Photoshoots | “Kensou no Naka de no Kodoku” (The loneliness in the tumult)
Comp – How to make Music
Paprika – Pap’n’Cooking
Ranko no Ane – Illustration Gallery

Chapter Three – Special Corner
BUTAOTOME Special Symposium
Afterword by Ranko no Ane
Lyrics of the Special CD

Special CD jacket

Special CD
Title: キラワレ
Romaji: Kiraware
Length: 11:53

  1. キラワレ | Kiraware – 3:38
  2. 大人ガム | Otona Gum – 3:04
  3. キラワレ(piano instrumental) | Kiraware (piano instrumental) – 3:32
  4. 姉の絵描き歌 | Ane no Ekaki Uta – 1:36

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