Buta Saiban’s closing party

Panel 1
Caption: This was when we did the two man live tour “Buta Saiban” with JUDGEMENT
Above Ichigo and Ranko: It’s a really good band, so I want to see them live again
Ichigo: You are all guilty!!

Panel 2
Caption: After performing in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, we had a closing party
Next to Ane: It was so fun!!
Ane: No, I really like Ichigo
Ichigo is eating: cabbage
Comp: Heey

Panel 3
Ane: Even if you peed on my bag or something, I wouldn’t get mad at you!
Next to Ane: Seriously!!

Panel 4
Ichigo: What’s with that analogy… I wouldn’t do that, and it’s unsettling…
Ichigo: How did you even come up with that idea?
Ane: Oh…? Maybe from my parents’ cats
Above Comp: Weird atmosphere
SFX: *chill*
Bottom corner with the cat: When they are in heat, they are so careless

Panel 5
Ichigo: No, not at all… This is totally turning me off
Next to Ichigo: Scary
Ane: Turned on…

Panel 6
Ane: You were turned on…!
Ichigo: I was not…
SFX: *efffffffffffffff*
Outside of panel: I’m really sorry. It was sexual harassment.