Cats and Comp

Panel 1
Caption: Comp has been wondering whether or not to get a cat for the last two years
Arrow pointing Comp: Never had a cat
Comp: It’s a big responsibility, and I’m not sure I can love it properly.
Ranko: Yeah
Paprika: I highly recommend cats! They are super relaxing!!
Ane: It’s a matter of personal preferences

Panel 2
Paprika: In this world, only cats can heal me…
Ane: Pap has said some amazing things at this time

Panel 3
Caption: A cat came to Comp. Its name is Satchmo.
Under caption: Breed is ragdoll
Ane: Waaaa… It’s so cute, it looks like an angel!
Comp: It’s not that “it looks like an angel”…
Next to Comp: Satchmo is…
SFX: ???

Panel 4
Comp: It’s just an angel itself…
Ane: Comp, I’m so glad you love cats.