Characters Introduction

Ranko – Vocalist. Likes umeboshi. Her hobby is derivative works.
Paprika – Pianist. She is fond of namako. Her hobby is drinking at gay bars.
Comp – A polar bear who is good at composing, arranging, and writing lyrics. Likes alcohol.
Ranko no Ane – In charge of illustrations and design. She has a weak stomach. Perhaps her heart is weak as well. Health is her hobby.

Ane: “I didn’t save my past comics in a large size…”
Beatmario: “Oh, it’s okay”
Ane: “Is it okay…?”
Beatmario: “It’s okay”
Ane: “Is it okay…?”
And so

I’ve put a 😠 mark on the comics with poor image quality.
Please enjoy them naturally.
*Some of them were in a format that couldn’t stand the expansion, and it was avoided.