Mind during fun time

Panel 1
Caption: When I enter fun time, my interpersonal skills are very low
Paprika: Sis! Good job sending to press!
Ane: Ah… Us…
Next to Ane: It’s like a terrible version of a lack of words, or being unsociable
Outside of panel: Fun time is related to production crunch time

Panel 2
Ranko: Hey, why do you have so many square cardboards on display?
Ane: Oh…
Arrows pointing various illustration: Nakatani’s handmade illustration, Kumano Tooru’s illustration, Nyoron’s illustration

Panel 3
Ane: D…Dear God.
Translation: They are a kind of deity within me, and the energy emanating from those handmade illustrations is what makes me feel creative. Please don’t touch them.

Panel 4
Ranko: H-huh?
Cardboard: Back of square cardboard