Panel 1
Caption: As the production reaches its climax, Pap records piano with Comp.
Paprika: Something like this
Comp: Hey~ This phrase is good~

Panel 2
Caption: Sometimes Comp adds bass to songs written by Paprika.
Paprika: I’m pretty sure I wanted some SWOOOON to be included somewhere in this song.
Next to Paprika: Where was it?
Comp: SWOOOON, huh?
Bassist: This one
Next to bassist: SWOOOON

Panel 3
Above Comp and Paprika: Verse -> SWOOOON -> End of Verse -> SWOOOON -> Pre-chorus -> SWOOOON -> End of pre-chorus -> SWOOOON -> Chorus -> SWOOOON
Next to them: The two of them are searching for good SWOOOON points

Panel 4
Paprika: SWOOOON. Oh! We must have it here!
Next to Paprika: End of the bridge
Above Paprika: Absolutely!
Comp: It fits super well!!

Panel 5
Arrows pointing to Comp and Paprika: They both got hooked on it
Comp: Hey! Look! SWOOOON
Paprika: Hahi… come on… stop i- SWOOOON
Ane: Hahaha….

Panel 6
Caption: The production time is super low for the performance squad…
Ane: We usually don’t get any.
Ending: They often act like this late at night

Panel 1
Caption: Sometimes, when the deadline is near, we stay together overnight for production
Ane: Hmmm… This is difficult.
Clock: Witching hour

Panel 2
SFX: *door opens*
Ane: Can I borrow some of your materials?
Paprika: Hee, this sound is terrific!!
Paprika SFX: *tatatata*
Piano SFX: *gboèwgbiergvesior*
Comp: Leave early! Leave early!!

Panel 3
Caption: Two hours later
SFX: *door opens*
Ane: Gonna eat a snack, you two?
Arrow pointing to Comp: Searching for a good SWOOOON point
Comp: From here? Let’s have the SWOOOON!!
Paprika: Hahi… Yes, Zunpapapaparara SWOOOON!!

Panel 4
SFX: *door closes*
Next to Ane: Gently closes it
Arrow pointing to Ane: The type of gal who gets quiters during crunch time
Caption: Those two aren’t always like that…