Paprika Info

Panel 1
Caption: Pap is full of mysteries
Paprika: I’ve put in XX bottles at gay bars this year!
Next to Paprika: My goal is XX bottles

Panel 2
Paprika: I used to compete in breakdancing competitions back in the day.
Ane: Even though you are a pianist…

Panel 3
Paprika: When I was a teenager, I was a sun salon addict. My younger self was really stupid.
Ane: Tell me more.

Panel 4
Paprika: I was so stupid that when I got my scooter license, I drove from Hachioji to Shonan in the middle of the night just on the spur of the moment.
Ane: Waaa, how foolish. Was the trip back unpleasant?
Map: Hachioji -> Shonan – It’s about 4 hours

Panel 5
Paprika: Yes, it was unpleasant… I injured my leg on a narrow road, plus I got stopped by the police.
Ane: So stupid… Paprika, I’m really glad your finger is ok…
Arrow pointing young Paprika: tanned

Panel 6
Paprika: Well, it’s ok, but I have a bolt in my hand because of dancing.
Ane: This sounds new to me-

Panel 1
Paprika: I used to be a DJ, analog.
Next to Paprika: I used to carry heavy batches of records
Ane: Wait
SFX: Eh?!

Panel 2
Paprika: I take French lessons on Xday
Ane: What?
SFX: Eeh?!

Panel 3
Paprika: When I was X, I lived in France for X years. I didn’t speak a single word of French.
Next to Paprika: It was in my ganguro era.
SFX: Eeeeeh?!

Panel 4
SFX: What?
Ane: Was it a language study abroad program or something like that?
Paprika: No, I simply wanted to live in Paris… I was dancing all the time… I also had dreads.
Arrow pointing bottle: making aojiru
Ane 2: Paris… ganguro… dance… dreads…
Arrow pointing Ane 2: I can’t keep up with understanding anymore.
Outside of panel: Where is the piano factor…

Panel 5
Paprika: If I look at home, I can probably find some photos of the Disneyland trip with the locals back then.
Ane: I’m sure one day… you’ll show me…
Note: just my imagination

The dance Pap did was the head-spinning one

Panel 1
Caption: We took pictures at Paprika’s house
Ranko: Hehe
Ane: Hey, don’t laugh
Musume: nanana

Panel 2
Caption: After taking pics
Paprika: Ah. Wanna see my ganguro pics?
Sisters: YES
Outside of panel: Super looking forward.

Panel 3
Paprika: These are from when I used to live in Paris.
On the pic 1: The only warm shot, with grandma
On the pic 2: Braids
Ane: Not a single sight of a piano…
Outside of panel: It’s difficult to deal with visually…

Panel 4
Paprika: These are from when I was spinning my head by breakdancing
Red: I didn’t play the piano.

Panel 1
Outside of panel: Passing through Chiba on the way to an event
Paprika: Did I tell you that I used to go to Disneyland all the time?
Ane: I didn’t know!

Panel 2
Ane: Pap, I thought you were not interested in Disney stuff.
Paprika: No, I am not.
SFX: *honest*

Panel 3
Paprika: I fell in love with a canoeist at first sight… and started going there. I bought an annual pass.
Next to Paprika: He probably thought I was a little crazy.
Ane: How passionate~

Panel 4
Ane: Was there any progress
Paprika: No, not at all…I mean, he then got promoted to captain (?), and that cooled me off instantly.
Flashback: I like tough guys… something is off…

Panel 1
Caption: We met neko after a long time
Next to neko: I enjoyed the French stuff in the manga!
Next to Paprika: They are all real stories!
Outside of panel: Neko (cat) and neko

Panel 2
Paprika: Back then, the scar on my head from dancing turned into a bald spot, and it didn’t go away.
Ane: Scars? Bald?
Next to Ane: What-

Panel 3
Paprika: Because I was spinning with my bare head
Ane: What, are you serious?! That’s extremely risky…
SFX: *spin spin*

Panel 4
Neko: You should have worn something…
Paprika: I wanted people to think I was edgy.
Next to Paprika: I was so young…
Random guy: Oh… Crazy Japanese!!
Bottom left corner: in front of Notre Dame’s Cathedral