Rotation of each doujin person

Panel 1
Caption: There are many different assignments in the doujin world. Some people do stuff simultaneously.
Each person is: Me (Illustrations, design, video, web) – Taniya (Illustrations, comic, video, design, web, vocals, song making) – Ryo Hiiragi (Designer) – Kattiku (Video production
Next to Ryo Hiiragi: There are many kinds of white paper.
Next to Kattiku: Good day!

Panel 2
Caption: Some have interchangeable tasks like illustrations and design, while others specialize in one, each to their own.
Yuuka cosplayer is Nyoron (Illustrations)
Ane: I’m sure it was a lot of work to make the PV! Good job~
Nyoron: Hehehe
Arrow pointing Ane: Picture work is easy to imagine.

Panel 3
Caption: There are many things in the world that I don’t understand at all,
Guy is Narugami (Game programmer)
Narugami: Oh noes~ I wrote x thousand lines with additional revisions~
Next to Narugami: Hahaha
Caption 2: I asked him about that.

Panel 4
Caption: I didn’t really know what that meant.
Ane: Oh~…? U-uh.
Next to Ane: Lines?
Caption 2: I just had that kind of reaction.

Panel 5
Ane in the thought bubble: Wow! You worked so hard!
Next to Ane in the thought bubble: Super good job!!
Arrow pointing to thought bubble: This might be what was in my mind
Narugami: Hahahaha
Next to Ane: The silence that naturally followed
Caption: I’m sorry I didn’t quite understand it.