Shyness on-off

Panel 1
Caption: Once, I did cosplay at an event
Ane: Let’s go to CAVA’s space
CAVA: Ane, yahoo
Arrow pointing CAVA: He makes accessories

Panel 2
Ane: Hey, CAVA~

Panel 3
Ane: Er…
Next to Ane: He noticed that, didn’t he?
Next to CAVA: Didn’t make eye contact

Panel 4
Ane: I’m an acquaintance
CAVA: I didn’t recognize you with the cosplay

Panel 5
CAVA: The outfit and accessory are so great!!
Ane: Thank you
Blue balloon 1: Oh, I know that feeling so painfully well.
Blue balloon 2: The feeling of shyness…
Next to serious CAVA: with strangers
Next to happy CAVA: with friends and acquaintances