Um, I’d like to see it

Panel 1
Caption: Sometimes, Amane tries to make me girly.
Bottom right corner: At M3 Spring 2014
Amane: I think you would be cute with a tutu!
Arrow pointing Amane: Good at sewing
Ane: *shivers*

Panel 2
Bottom right corner: At the ButaCreate live
Amane: I am sure fake eyelashes would look great on you!
SFX: *ears twitching*
Mario: What’s with the girls talk?!

Panel 3
Amane: Because we are girls!!
SFX: *shine*
Food: Crepe
Arrow pointing Ane: Someone whose total frills in her life don’t even equal one day of Amane.
Next to Ane: I’m afraid of girly things.
Outside of panel: I’ll just accept your feelings…