Ranko’s liner notes

“I’m going to do something called self-liner notes.”

I’d like to talk about my memories of each album.
I was going to write about each song,
but I thought it would be more fun to write about the albums as a whole so that people who have them
can enjoy them and people who don’t have them can desire them.
Let’s try it like that.

“Engen Kagura Uta”
Dark! Heavy! Grudge! We gave this image, but there are some songs that are surprisingly
cheerful. “Sora no aru Basho” is one of them. “Anata to Watashi” has a grudge rock feel.
It’s not in BUTABEST 2, but I think I wrote good lyrics for “Deadman’s Lovely Life”.
The cover art and the disc are an explosion of subculture, I really like them.

“Jitsu wa Sensai na Anata to tama ni Yuukan na Watashi no nandaka Sawaideru tte Hanashi.”
AKA the ReiMari CD. The title is so long because we decided to make it sound like
the title of a modern light novel. It’s from Itsumo no Futari’s lyrics. There is
a hidden track in this CD, and it’s Paprika’s first
vocal arrangement.
It’s a refreshing and cute arrangement of Innocent Treasures, so please listen to it if you haven’t heard it yet.

I sang with many different vocalists on this CD.
We tried to gather all the people we really like. Luxury! I had a lot of fun deciding on the original song and
writing the lyrics, while taking advantage of each of the singer’s unique characteristics.
It was my first time singing with male vocalists, so it was difficult in many
ways… I learned a lot.

“Kouseki Radio”
It’s a Hifuu CD. My sister and Comp wrote the lyrics.
Hifuu is too deep for me to handle, but it was fun to analyze
the words and sing them. The details in the album are very nice,
such as prologue and epilogue tracks, and the radio noises between each song.
I thought “Pyrite” would be the highlight of the album.

This is the first time we put out a pairing CD. There were so many pairings I wanted to do,
we had a hard time deciding which one to pick. “Y” is
the answer song to “Fujimi no Girlfriend” by Shoudouteki no Hito
(unofficial). I was happy to be able to write lyrics for pairings that I don’t often do,
such as YuyuYuka and KoiFla.

A piece covered in beasts. I really like the contrast between the artwork and the design
on the cover. It’s a rather relaxed album, with four songs arranged by Comp
and four songs arranged by Paprika. “Ondeko no Namida” has Japanese Za BUTAOTOME feel.
“Minna no” is a fun song to play live.

“Shoujo Rengoku”
It’s summer. It’s Japanese-style. It’s youkai. That sort of CD.
“Towa no Maigo” was the first time I was a bit satisfied with the lyrics I wrote.
The same goes for “Meguru Gou”. “Hakanaki Mono Ningen” gets my blood pumping.
It’s a frightening album, but it ends with “Bajitoufuu no Hate”,
a Paprika’s arrangement, so I hope you’ll go back
to the beginning and listen to it again.

The theme is gothic. It’s a bit special, with a deformed obi
and all. I think this was the first and last time we’ve done something with the three witches.
Since many of the songs have unusual tunes, we tried to create an unusual atmosphere for the lyrics as well.
However, all the songs were difficult. It’s a piece that made me realize that
doing something different is fun but hard. We were able to grow.

The first time we used an English title!
It’s a speedy guitar rock album.
I wrote the lyrics for “Hajime no Ippo” with feelings of just fighting without arguing.
“Kouunryuusui” is refreshing and very summer-ish.
I want you to go back and listen to it again from the first song.

These liner notes pretty much turned into a written review. Sorry.
I put a lot of effort into making
each album, so please listen to all of them~.
Thank you very much for reading this.

With love, Ranko