Ranko no Ane’s design notes

The tagline is “Let’s go on a trip again and again, for the sake of telling “I’m home” to everybody”. I wanted to express the vastness and depth of the underground with my art… but it was quite difficult. I would be happy if the work has some kind of gentleness to it.

I wanted to create a sense of speed, so I put together a sporty design. The slanting layout of the text tends to be a good or bad thing, but I think I was able to put it all together in a way that is fairly easy to read.

The design of the ushi-oni youkai is creepy… so I decided on the jacket based on this single thought. The tagline “Life is like drowning under a weight” is quite negative.

Magic Lantern
It was very difficult to capture the momentary movement of looking down from a high place in my composition. Magic lanterns were introduced to Japan in the Edo era. They are a nighttime game.

Ese Souretsu Shinan
The tagline is “For you, who were never born, and for me, who will be born”. It’s paired with Giji Kazoku Nyuumon.

Shoujo Rengoku 5
I was quite unsure whether to drop the number and make it a separate part of the series with a “~crowd~” subtitle. I think I had a lot on thoughts in my mind during that period with all the air events. This is a work about those who live in crowds. Which includes humans.

The tagline is “Where does a human being start and end?” I really took my time to think about DiPP, including the music video, with this theme in mind. It was a coincidence that even the title was made lineally symmetrical.