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Touhou Meikasai 16 – Yuuma acrylic stand

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Okay, I forgot this was supposed to be recap day, but there is no news besides this one, so here is its solo post. Touhou Meikasai 16 is this Sunday (June 5) in Nagoya! BUTAOTOME will be there, with a new type of merch! It’s an acrylic stand of Yuuma from Juushin’s cover! In case you can’t go to the… Read more »

[CHUNITHM] Rockstar★Amy’s profile and story

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Now, for something a bit different! Since Akarui Mirai is one of my favorite songs ever, I decided to do something special about it. Translating it in English wasn’t enough. Translating it in Italian wasn’t enough. In the world of Sega’s rhythm game Chunithm, there are several characters and universes. These characters can be selected before playing, and each one… Read more »