collage afterword

Ranko no Ane
Thank you for picking up the book.
I’m Ranko’s sister, not Unko’s (poop) sister.
The four of us always perform live
and create Touhou vocal arrangement CDs together,
…but this time, it’s a book. It truly lives up to its title as an interspecies battle,
doesn’t it? What do you think?
Manga and… well, it’s just making me feel queasy.
But it was fun. I’d like to do it again sometime.
Oh, and at this stage, there’s a known typo. On the last page of the 8th page, “Ranko no ane” (Ranko’s sister) becomes “Ranko no ame” (Ranko’s rain). How silly of me.
Tewi: “will I really appear?”

I’m Ranko. Hi there. Thank you very much for always supporting us!
So, this time, I’ve ended up sharing my clumsy short stories with the world.
Well, it’s like saying, “I’m writing lyrics while thinking about such things.” I wanted to write something for Birthday and such,
but I had too many things I wanted to say, and it didn’t come together.
I’m really, really bad at writing lyrics, but creating stories
and writing them like this is fun. So, I’ll do my best to keep writing in the future. I think!
The ones I wrote this time, “Ochita Koe” and “Yume janai Nanika,” are just one interpretation of the lyrics as I see them,
so feel free to let your imagination run wild, everyone. If possible, with art or novels… hey…
“I wrote this while listening to BUTAOTOME’s arrangements!!” If you tell me something like that, I get all excited and start dripping snot. Please let me have a runny nose. Thank you very much.
Beef tongue is delicious, isn’t it?

Thank you for taking a look.
I’m Comp. This time, I had the opportunity to draw a 4-panel comic.
As someone with no artistic talent, drawing 4-panel comics is a form of training for me.
After reading it three times, your chakra will awaken. If you read it five times or more, you’ll gain extra hair.
Please be careful.
I drew this with utmost seriousness, though I must admit that the character “描” looks like a cat.
It’s my way of expressing love. It’s a bit embarrassing to have my love shape and thoughts exposed, but I’m filled with gratitude for your viewing.
In the spirit of Robin on Enies Lobby, I’d like to shout,
“Thank you.”

To everyone
Thank you for your support.
I am Paprika
I’m glad if you could play Haruka.
I love namako♪