Afterword by Ranko no Ane

Greetings, I’m Ranko no Ane.
I’m the rabbit in lives and I’m in charge of the illustrations and the design of the CDs.

There is something I would like to explain to those who don’t know us too much.
I can’t dance legitimately. I can’t even really play instruments. So during lives, I swing and I suddenly stop as I like.

When I introduce myself in this way, I can only be put in a weirdo category, but before starting BUTAOTOME I had a very flat everyday life, something like “the only difference between yesterday and today is the special menu at the restaurant”.
In my student days, I was so timid that I wasn’t even able to greet my classmates, now I’m able to relax as I like with my inabilities even on big stages, overflowing with tension.

I always thought about where this change came from, but I think it’s probably because doujin is a place where its basis are “it’s okay even if you are not good”.
I can’t draw illustrations well, I can’t speak well with people, but even if I have these weak points it doesn’t really matter. On the contrary, it’s really unnoticeable because of levels never seen before of weirdos being lazy in their everyday life.
Bless the doujin culture.

With this and that, it’s been 6 years since we started BUTAOTOME.
Each one of the four of us has grown up. Maybe.
By doing a book about BUTAOTOME in this way, I looked back again to our past activity and works and I was surprised by that volume.

Other than our activity history, this book has music and illustrations, so its contents have an omnidirectional feeling. I hope you enjoyed each one of them.
And we will continue to make CDs and lives, but I hope that with this book our activities are close to those who aren’t entirely satisfied or have unclear aspects.

I want to give my deep thanks to the brave Genkousha, who planned this book, the editors, the designer and all the people who were involved in the publication of this book.

January 2016, Ranko no Ane