Pictures and notes have been added in brackets for a better comprehension of some terms.

1. Comu Kasegi (コムかせぎ, earning coms)
A rite held at the beginning of “Butaotome Utau Namahousou”. It’s a rite close to a game where Paprika plays and sings in between lots of “Comu” in the comments.

2. Takemoto (竹本)
Paprika’s pet bird (dead).

Paprika’s pet bird (dead). It’s usually tied in a rod.

4. Comu (コム, com)
When introducing Butaotome’s official website, since Paprika says the last “com” of the URL, there are rumours that you can become happy if Paprika says “comu” to you.

5. Hug (抱いて, daite)
An encouragement that can be said to Comp in lives and such. Actually, Comp also hugs. In this occasion, is also possible to select the hug level (easy, normal, hard, lunatic).

6. Oshanti Series (オシャンティシリーズ)
It can be said it’s Butaotome’s apparel line, with “OshanT”, “OshanParka” and such.
[T-shirts sold at live shows with unique designs. List]

7. Onee-san (おねえさん, big sis)
Nickname for Ranko no Ane. Because “Ranko no Ane-san” is difficult to say, everybody calls her “onee-san”

8. Compachi-sensei (コンパチ先生)
When Comp says something good during the microphone time, the audience shouts “Compachi-sensei!”. It’s something like the “Naritaya!” in the kabuki theater. Compachi-sensei is available for consultations.

9. Oxygen (酸素, sanso)
Something necessary for the animal members for lives. They take “edible oxygen”, but they also inhale portable oxygen during lives.

10. Kimi no Series (君のシリーズ, your series)
An improvised corner in the “Butaotome Utau Namahousou”. It’s a loose corner where an idea is played, song titles are collected from the listeners and lyrics and composition are made on the moment.

11. Fun time (楽し場, tanoshiba)
General name for crunch time. It’s called fun time because the people themselves are having fun.

12. Half-beast (半獣, hanjuu)
Comp and Paprika are half-beasts. They are basically half-animals and half-humans.

13. Buta (豚)
Abbreviation of Butaotome.

14. Namako (なまこ, sea cucumber)
Paprika’s best food in the world

15. In human terms, around the throat (人間で言う、喉ら辺, ningen de iu, nodo ra hen)
Comp says that when polar bears speak in Japanese, it seems it must be around the throat for humans. It looks like that if they speak with the normal mouth, it becomes a different language.
[it’s probably an explanation about why Comp puts the microphone on his throat, under the mouth, to talk]

16. Piggy
Butaotome fans. Since calling them fans is quite awkward, it has been decided to name them in this way.

17. Butanama (豚生)
Abbreviation of “Butaotome Utau Namahousou” (豚乙女歌う生放送, Butaotome’s singing broadcast), which is held every Wednesday at 10 PM. It’s also called “Suijuu” (水10, shortening of “Wednesday 10”).
[infos about the weekly livestream and everything related to it are in this page]

18. Butta-chan (ブッタちゃん)
Butaotome’s main character.

19. Butagoya Studio (豚小屋スタジオ, pigsty studio)
Butaotome’s headquarters. Everything about their music is produced in this studio. The whole work is created there, from recording to mastering, etc.

20. Touhou/Touhou Project (東方/東方Project)
General name for the collection of works, with shooting games as main focus, created by the doujin circle “Team Shanghai Alice”. The BGM are wonderful, as well as the games. The creator ZUN allows some liberties with the creation of derivative works and Butaotome’s main activity are Touhou Project arrangements,