Members’ Profiles


Name: Ranko
Birthday: 02/20
Gender: Female
Bloodtype: B
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Twitter account: @butaotome_ranko
Role: Vocals
Species: Human
Hobby: Exercising
Special skill: Remembering numbers and dates
Current obsession: Osomatsu-san!
What do you want now: PHYSICAL STRENGTH. I also want muscles.
Favorite books/manga: Works by Tomoko Yamashita, Fumi Yoshinaga, and Hiromi Kawakami
Favorite food: Umeboshi, ginger, meat. I like horumonyaki
Favorite motto: “live as if there is no tomorrow” (死ぬ気でやろう、どうせ死なないから)
Where you want to go: I want to go to Germany. I also want to climb up the Mount. Fuji.
Artists who influenced you: Ringo Sheena. Also, the bands I like.
People you respect: Dad, mum, members.
The most impressive thing since the beginning: Going overseas
Free space: since I am the only human, I want to do my best in order to not be covered.
I live politely, thinking about myself and other people, lively and casually.
Sign: When I cut my hair, I removed this part of the sign and there was just the ribbon. But it felt lonely. The ponytail fits nicely.

Butaotome is now 6 years old, and a lot of things happened.
Everybody, I deeply thank you for your support.
From now on, best regards.
Piggys, I love you all!!!!! <3


Name: Comp
Birthday: 05/29
Gender: Male
Bloodtype: AB
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Twitter account: @butaotome_comp
Role: Bass, lyrics, composition, arrange, photography etc.
Species: Polar bear
Hobby: cooking, camera, cigar
Special skill: Death growl
Current obsession: adding the yuzukoshou (condiment paste made from chili peppers, yuzu peel and salt) everywhere
What do you want now: time, sleeping well
Favorite books/manga: The Catcher in the Rye, Buddha
Favorite food: Sagittaria sagittifolia, yuzukoshou
Favorite motto: “day after day, don’t give up” (日々精進), “Never wait for something pleasant in your life. Just enjoy life itself.” (楽しいを待つのではなく楽しむ)
Where you want to go: Italy
Artists who influenced you: Miles Davis, Anton Corbijn
People you respect: People who live with seriousness, animals
The most impressive thing since the beginning: National tour


Name: Paprika
Birthday: 12/07
Gender: Female
Bloodtype: O
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Twitter account: @paprika_buta
Role: Piano
Species: Cat
Hobby: cooking, going to the gay bar
Special skill: Taking selfies anywhere
Current obsession: selfies
What do you want now: kittens (black and white)
Favorite books/manga: “Froth on the Daydream” by Boris Vian, “Ijimete-kun” by Sensha Yoshida, “Ushijima the Loan Shark” by Shohei Manabe
Favorite food: Namako, cheese
Favorite motto:
“being as good as one’s word” (有言実行)
Where you want to go: Cappadocia
Artists who influenced you: Thelonious Monk
People you respect: Thelonious Monk
The most impressive thing since the beginning: Jump Otome (one man live in Shibuya O-EAST)

Ranko no Ane

Name: Ranko no Ane
Birthday: 02/01
Gender: Female
Bloodtype: A
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Twitter account: @rankoane
Role: Illustrations, design, web design
Species: Rabbit
Hobby: Collecting gemstones, health
Special skill: Dancing without any concept
Current obsession: preparing blends of vinegar for pickling; according to Chinese medicine, vinegar is good for health
What do you want now: being able to sleep immediately
Favorite books/manga: “Fune wo Tateru” by Shiho Suzuki, “Dassou to Tsuiseki no Samba” by Yasutaka Tsutsui
Favorite food: congee, fried chicken
Favorite motto: “It’s when you get bored that you start to get bored” (飽きてからが本番)
Where you want to go: Czech Republic and Eastern Europe overall
Artists who influenced you: Goya, Hokusai
People you respect: Awesome people
The most impressive thing since the beginning: When we made an original CD for the first time after years of activity. It was surprising we were able to do really cool music.
Free space: I draw the jacket of the CDs and I dance live. But I’m an indoor person.