Touhou Meikyuumeshi (recipes from Touhou Nekokenban 14’s booklet)

Meat Rolls of Underground Roots
300g of sliced pig meat
½ underground roots (chinese yams are okay)
*2 spoons of light soy sauce
*3 spoons of sake
*2 spoons of mirin
*2 spoons of sugar
Potato starch as you like
White sesame seeds as you like

Peel the underground roots and cut them as semicircles of 1.5 width
Place the cut roots on the pig meat you spread beforehand and roll them up.
Sprinkle the whole surface of the rolled meat with potato starch and bake it with a frying pan
Once they get browned, add the seasoning and mix together at low heat
Serve on a dish and sprinkle sesame seeds over it

Oyster Stew with Magic Mushrooms (abalone-style)
6-8 magic mushrooms (oyster mushrooms are okay)
2 bok choy
1 spoon of salad oil
*1 spoon of oyster sauce
*2 teaspoons of sugar
*2 spoons of soy sauce
400cc of water
Potato starch water mixture as you like
1 teaspoon of sesame oil

Slice the magic mushrooms into 2-3 equal parts. (think slices to give them texture)
Cut the bok choy into chunks
Mix all the seasoning together
Heat the salad oil on a frying pan, fry the mushrooms with high heat and add the bok choy once they are cooked
Add the seasoning and cook for around 5 minutes. Add the potato starch and the sesame oil and cook at low heat for 2-3 minutes.