Obake no Sakurazome story

Yuyuko is taking a walk.
She steps on the fallen leaves.
Then, she suddenly stops. “If it’s the same red, I’d rather see cherry blossoms,” she thinks.
It’s autumn now.
It might be not easy, but she believes she’ll find a way.
“I’ll talk to Youmu about it,” she thinks, continuing her walk.

“I’m back~”
“Welcome back”

“Oh, Youmu, what’s that you’re doing?”
“It’s cherry blossom dye. I boil branches of cherry trees, do various things, and when I dip the clothes in the resulting water, they become dyed.”
“Well, that’s just great. I have been wanting to see cherry blossoms.”

Dip a handkerchief in the juice of boiled cherry trees, and here is the magic!
The cloth turns a gentle cherry color.

Even the Hakugyokurou ghosts were in awe of this.
They all gathered around the tub.

One of the ghosts jumped into the tub.

And then, what a surprise!
The ghosts were all dyed in the color of cherry blossom.
Everyone was delighted.

Yuyuko was so excited that she said
“That’s right, instead of making the cherry blossoms bloom,
let’s make the ghosts in the color of cherry blossoms into flowers.
That would be more fun.”
“…I understand.”

Youmu sighed, “Here we go again.”

And then came the hard part.
The two of them proceeded to dye the ghosts in a hurry.

The cherry blossom-colored ghosts are multiplying rapidly.

“Everybody, please hang on to or wrap yourself
around the cherry tree on the mountain.”

The ghosts were so happy that they flew away.

Three days and three nights later, the mountain is completely covered in ghosts.
It looks like it will soon be in full bloom.

However, a shrine maiden thought the out-of-season cherry blossoms looked strange,
so she came to see what was going on.

It’s autumn now, so it’s only natural,
but since so many strange things happen here,
the other humans and youkai didn’t pay much attention to it.

“The heck are you doing?”
The shrine maiden looked grim-faced and waved her purification rod.

When she blew the wind with her purification rod,
the ghosts were so startled that they all flew away.

Reimu came to Yuyuko and woke her up.
“What the hell was that?”
“I just wanted to see the cherry blossoms, but you made all of them fly away.
Sigh, we did our best.”

“Cherry blossom? You should have waited for two more seasons to come around.”

“…Yeah. Spring will come back in an instant anyway.”