Oshira Asobi story

Renko and Merry had come to Rendaino.
They were looking for an entrance.

They were so absorbed in their search that before they knew it, night had fallen.
“I wonder if we could stay somewhere…”
“Oh? There’s a house up there?”

“Excuse us!”

Although there was no one inside, a delicious meal had been prepared.
Merry, who was hungry, pounced on the food,
but it seemed that Renko was interested in something else.

“I wonder what this is.”
“Renko, don’t touch it without permission. Put it away.”
“But you are eating without permission too.”
“This was prepared for us, so it would be rude not to eat it.”

Saying this, Merry made Renko put away the Oshira-sama.

Merry offered the uneaten food to the Oshira-sama.
“Hopefully this will make them forgive us.”

The two of them cleaned the dishes, prepared their futon, and got ready to sleep.
And then…


They woke up screaming.
“It was just a dream…”

They hurriedly ran out of that house.
The only thing left behind was the Oshira-sama.

And that’s the end of the tale.