Paranoia(コンプ REMIX)

This song is a BUTAOTOME cover of an already existing song/arrangement. Therefore, this page covers exclusively information and details about their version, only some basic info about the original track, and lyrics are unavailable.

Title: Paranoia(コンプ REMIX)
Rearrangement: Comp
Vocals: Ranko

Original theme:

  • Hartmann no Youkai Shoujo – Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism; Koishi Komeiji’s theme


  • Paranoia THE BEST – 7th anniversary – [DiGiTAL WiNG] (track 6)

Comp: I listened to Paranoia many times live and such,
it has a bright image, so I wanted to make it a bit more aggressive,
and the result is this Comp REMIX.
Well, it’s not a REMIX, but an arrangement w
This kind of thing is difficult, but I enjoyed doing it.

Original Song Info

Original artist: DiGiTAL WiNG
Original arrangement: FN2
Lyrics: sumijun
Original vocals: Hanatan
First appearance: RAVER’S NEST 1 TOHO RAVE PARTY (track 8; track 11)