Scream out! (豚乙女 Ver.)

This song is a BUTAOTOME cover of an already existing song/arrangement. Therefore, this page covers exclusively information and details about their version, only some basic info about the original track, and lyrics are unavailable.

Title: Scream out! (豚乙女 Ver.)
Rearrangement: Paprika
Vocals: Ranko

Original themes:

  • Ashita Hare no Hi, Ke no Kinou – Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith; extra stage theme
  • Native Faith – Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith; Suwako Moriya’s theme


  • Scream out! ~Tribute Party~ [A-One] (track 3)

Original Song Info

Original artist: A-One
Original arrangement: ELEMENTAS, Yassie
Lyrics: Takahito Rute Koshida
Original vocals: Takahito Rute Koshida, Aki
First appearance: DJF COMPILATION 2012 (track 6)