Stardust Dreams 豚乙女 Ver.

This song is a BUTAOTOME cover of an already existing song/arrangement. Therefore, this page covers exclusively information and details about their version, only some basic info about the original track, and lyrics are unavailable.

Title: Stardust Dreams 豚乙女 Ver.
Rearrangement: Comp
Vocals: Ranko
Original theme:

  • U.N.Owen wa Kanojo na no ka? – Touhou Koumakyou ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil; Flandre Scarlet’s theme


  • Stardust Dreams 10th Anniversary Tribute [Areazero] (track 2)

Original Song Info

Original artist: Crest
Original arrangement: JeetSingh
Lyrics: Peko
Original vocals: Hanatan
First appearance: STARDUST DREAMS ~ Touhou Sky Fight Soundtrack [Areazero] (track 1)