BUTAOTOME Live archive – now online.

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After some days, I can finally bring you this: a colored list of every Butaotome liveshow since 2009, with venue and name of the event. Link

Sources used:
– Butaotome live section on their website
– Their old website (archive.org ftw)
– Their blog
– My memory (l-lol)
This list (ありがとうございます!)
There are definitely some holes; the Sis also told me they don’t keep a log of their live activity…
I also should include also the lineup for those festivals and cp. (maybe in a 2.0 version). Regarding setlist, I think it will be impossible to include every single one, but I’ll try at least for the important liveshows!

Now, this is a video I randomly found while compiling the list: it’s the live digest from the NEO GIRLS FESTIVAL from July 2010. Buta’s segment is at 2:56 and they are playing Flight on deep time. In case you are unable to watch it (since it seems to be blocked in USA and maybe other countries), I’ve cut the important part: link to the file.

btw… I decided this will be the live week! I’ll finally give a proper update the media section and I’ll also upload some liveshows on Youtube (everything, as usual, from official streamings)

See you next time!