Comiket 96 guest list

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Comiket 96 started today, but the Touhou day is on Monday! This time the power level of BUTAOTOME’s guest participation is over 9000!!!! Let’s take a look on them.

Album: Compilation CD-BOOK 東方万葉集 (Touhou Man’youshuu)
Publisher: MelonBooks
Title | Romaji (track number): お釈迦色 | Oshakairo (disc 1, track 8)
Original theme: Shoujo ga Mita Nihon no Genfuukei
Type: new song
XFD: mp3 file

New Comiket, new Melonbooks Touhou compilation full of songs, illustrations and more. The Sanae artwork associated with this song is drawn by Azusemu. Also, this song (along with the other tracks from the first disc) is among the tracks chosen as Melonbooks Store BGM for the month of August!

Album: Paranoia THE BEST – 7th anniversary –
Circle: DiGiTAL WiNG
Title (track number): Paranoia(コンプ REMIX) (track 6)
Original theme: Hartmann no Youkai Shoujo
Type: cover
XFD: Soundcloud

…it speak for itself. I would have preferred if they called it “Ultimate Endless of Paranoia” or something like that, but hey, at least the sample of the Buta version sounds good!

Album: ファンタジア (Fantasia)
Circle: Feuille-Morte
Title | Romaji (track number): 第二幕 羊の夢 | Act 2 – Hitsuji no Yume (track 4); 終幕 ファントマ | Final Act – Fantoma (track 9)
Type: sung by Ranko (last track has all the vocalists)
XFD: Soundcloud

This time RD-Sounds, the Absolute Aliceman, decided to focus more on his original release. He called a large variety of vocalists to give each one of them a track and make an album under the theme of “theatric play”. Ranko got her role as well, for a track where she doesn’t exactly shine, at least from the sample. She also sings in the final track, with all the vocalists.

Circle: TsuBaKi
Title | Romaji (track number): 花のみぞ知る | Hana nomi zo Shiru (track 4)
Original themes: Kaeidzuka ~ Higan Retour | Hana wa Gensou no mama ni
Type: sung by Ranko, quartet
XFD: Youtube

TsuBaKi got Ranko once again, this time for their PoFV-themed album! She sings in the final track, together with Napoleon (TsuBaKi’s representative), Hanatan (who I guess doesn’t need to be introduced) and Yaoshanbailing (Yonder Voice’s vocalist)!

Album: 東方歌ってみた (Touhou Utatte mita)
Circle: ShinRa-Bansho
Title | Romaji (track number): 囲い無き世は一期の月影 森羅万象Ver | Kakoinaki Yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage ShinRa-Bansho Ver (track 6)
Original theme: Taketori Hishou ~ Lunatic Princess
Type: cover by another artist
XFD: Youtube

Now for something different from the usual! Shinra-BanSho will release an album with cover versions of Touhou songs by other artists, including one of BUTAOTOME’s 2010 singles.

TAMAONSEN will bring “TOSX TOKYO at clubasia”, a live album for their 10th anniversary live in June. Ranko sung Sign, Uki Yomichi and I think some other songs (I’m too lazy to check). Youtube

You can find all of these albums on Melonbooks, but the Tamaonsen live album, the Digital Wing Paranoia fest and the Shinra-Bansho cover album can also be found in all the other doujin shops.